Religion, Pilgrimage and the Global Economy

Religion and its old age rituals have always been a source of fascination for people, if not a source of devout enlightenment. However in the 21st century religious events, pilgrimages, in particular, have surfaced as an inexhaustible treasure for the new age economic globalization. From the glimmering streets of the Vatican City, to the bright lit Mecca … Continue reading

UNICEF Back on track: Young people as agents of change

[View the complete report on UNICEF Back on track] By Anna Azaryeva  NEW YORK, USA, 25 February 2011 – This week UNICEF launches the State of the World’s Children Report. This year’s report entitled Adolescence. An Age of Opportunityfocuses on the 1.2 billion young people around the world

Pakistan’s first hosting of International Youth Delegates

[Originally published on Voices of Youth] It was only moments before the start of history in the making (in my region of the world), as youth from across the globe set into the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad also known as “The city of Green”. Over 60 youth activists from countries like Thailand, Somalia, Mauritius, Jordan, … Continue reading

Better Understanding for a Better World

[Originally published on the Civilizations Exchange & Cooperation Foundation’s Facebook page] Syed Aown Shahzad (Speech at Banquet) Honorable guests, respectable chaperons, distinguished associates and my dear friends from all over the world, Salam-o-Alikum. By now I know most of you and hopefully you know me