Hosting the Launch of NCEJ – The inaugeration of the National Council of Environmental Journalist was held on Nov 13, 2012. I had the honor of not only being the youngest member accepted into the council but also was chosen to host the launching event of the council at Pearl Continental in Karachi Pakistan. Members in … Continue reading

The “Green Life Value” as a new way to put a price on nature

  In our modern world  the financialization of nature is already done whether we like it or not. For instance the price of a tree is determined by its timber. Only a quarter of the actual use of a tree is through its timber though. Therefore in establishing the economics of nature we need to … Continue reading

Less Talk, More Action

Students at the Summit on Climate Change

Environment: Make way for Generation E

[This feature article was written for Dawn Newspaper] The debate on climate change — the actions we should or should not take — has long been undermined by political and financial resources. The burgeoning increase in population, escalating consumerism and rising industrialisation have moreover, added further obstacles. But for every cynic and sceptic who believes … Continue reading

Children and the effects of climate change in Pakistan

[This essay was written for the UNICEF Adolescent voices and was part of The State of the World’s Children 2011 Report] Adolescents in Pakistan – where we account for 40.5 million out of a population of over 176 million people – are keenly aware that we are inheriting a planet suffering from climate change. Like other developing countries that will … Continue reading

UNICEF Back on track: Young people as agents of change

[View the complete report on UNICEF Back on track] By Anna Azaryeva  NEW YORK, USA, 25 February 2011 – This week UNICEF launches the State of the World’s Children Report. This year’s report entitled Adolescence. An Age of Opportunityfocuses on the 1.2 billion young people around the world

New York Times: Young Activists Seek Roles on Energy, Climate

[Read the complete original report in the New York Times]    By ANDREW C. REVKIN A comment contributor in  this weekend’s open discussion over at Climate Progress is seeking help. He describes himself, essentially, as an aspiring, yet despairing, young energy and climate activist who still hopes to make a difference despite his conviction that “civilization is imploding. … To … Continue reading

Times-Herald Record: Exchange student at Middleton High speaks at UN

[A news report in Times-Herald Record] By Heather Yakin Times Herald-Record Published: 2:00 AM – 10/08/09 MIDDLETOWN — After two months in the United States, 15-year-old Aown Shahzad has already spoken on the floor of the United Nations and met U.N. Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon

Young people appeal to world leaders at UN Summit on Climate Change

[Read the complete report on the UNICEF website]  By Miriam Azar NEW YORK, USA, 22 September 2009 – A delegation of young people appealed to world leaders for meaningful action today at the UN Secretary-General’s Summit on Climate Change. The group of 13 young participants, ranging from 14 to 18 years