The State of Poor Urban Women of Pakistan

  Poverty in Pakistan can be noted as endemic — spreading across the country at an alarming rate. In a population of 180 million, Pakistani people living below the poverty line account for 21% of the entire population according to the World Development Indicators (WDI) 2013 report by the World Bank. In circumstances like this, urban areas … Continue reading

Pakistan’s Edhi Effect

As the Pakistani successive regimes fail at achieving a superlative mark in the provision of basic social services to its people, we see how one particular man stood up and made a paramount difference in the lives of an entire nation. Today when it comes to human development, governments in second and third world countries … Continue reading

Cities attacked by Terrorism in Pakistan

The following list comprises of names of cities, districts, villages and a few remote communities and areas within rural regions in Pakistan that were attacked by Terrorist operations during the last decade. The corresponding image of the map of the country showcases how the distribution of these attacks is prevalent through the all regions. Terrorist attacks including … Continue reading

To Prevent or not to Prevent – that is the Question in Pakistan

  [Written for FutureChallenges, original published here.] As fatality from non-communicable diseases rises in Pakistan, the importance of prevention of such diseases as opposed to treatment is evaluated. The World Health Organization considers smoking to be a global disease. The prevalence and subsequent deadly effect of smoking in some regions of the world however is much … Continue reading

Environment: Make way for Generation E

[This feature article was written for Dawn Newspaper] The debate on climate change — the actions we should or should not take — has long been undermined by political and financial resources. The burgeoning increase in population, escalating consumerism and rising industrialisation have moreover, added further obstacles. But for every cynic and sceptic who believes … Continue reading

Pakistan’s first hosting of International Youth Delegates

[Originally published on Voices of Youth] It was only moments before the start of history in the making (in my region of the world), as youth from across the globe set into the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad also known as “The city of Green”. Over 60 youth activists from countries like Thailand, Somalia, Mauritius, Jordan, … Continue reading

A drowning nation: Pakistan and the 2010 Floods

[Originally published on Voices of Youth] It was only last year that Pakistan faced the massive devastation that came with the 2010 Floods. Since then we have had our share of terrorist attacks, economic catastrophes and political uncertainty. Conversely as time passed and other headliners engrossed our local and international news channels the stories of … Continue reading

Better Understanding for a Better World

[Originally published on the Civilizations Exchange & Cooperation Foundation’s Facebook page] Syed Aown Shahzad (Speech at Banquet) Honorable guests, respectable chaperons, distinguished associates and my dear friends from all over the world, Salam-o-Alikum. By now I know most of you and hopefully you know me

My speech at the United Nations General Assembly