Hosting the Launch of NCEJ – The inaugeration of the National Council of Environmental Journalist was held on Nov 13, 2012. I had the honor of not only being the youngest member accepted into the council but also was chosen to host the launching event of the council at Pearl Continental in Karachi Pakistan. Members in … Continue reading

The “Green Life Value” as a new way to put a price on nature

  In our modern world  the financialization of nature is already done whether we like it or not. For instance the price of a tree is determined by its timber. Only a quarter of the actual use of a tree is through its timber though. Therefore in establishing the economics of nature we need to … Continue reading

Peoples Project – Call for Entries!

This project is being carried out to praise the little yet significant things of our natural habitat, that usually go unnoticed. The goal is to get a reflection essentially of all the simplicity and complexity, our Earth encompasses. Our primary focus is on natural things around us that we take for granted and don’t genuinely … Continue reading

Affiliation with WWF-Pakistan

[This piece was written on appointment as a Youth Ambassador for WWF-Pakistan and its orignal version is framed and hung on the WWF Malaysia office] This world is my home; God has made me its Master. I am the one who crosses through its sea, ride through its wind, cultivate its land, carve its mountain, soak … Continue reading

Environment: Make way for Generation E

[This feature article was written for Dawn Newspaper] The debate on climate change — the actions we should or should not take — has long been undermined by political and financial resources. The burgeoning increase in population, escalating consumerism and rising industrialisation have moreover, added further obstacles. But for every cynic and sceptic who believes … Continue reading