Ending the Food Crisis

One in seven people in the world will go to bed hungry tonight. That’s more then 925 million people suffering due to the food crisis across the globe as estimated by the World Food Programme.

For the majority in Pakistan the scenario is no different – masses of men, women and children suffer day and night due to lack of basic food supplies. Moreover the series of natural disasters the country faced and continues to face is also taking a strong toll, aggravating the situation immensely. The phenomenon of frequent floods, droughts and unexpected heavy rainfall has further led to millions of people being left without access to food and clean drinking water, posing an enormous threat to their survival.

It is important to note however that even though all these setbacks influence food shortages they are certainly not the cause of food insecurity in this nation. Pakistan to its benefit has a sufficient national food production to meet the needs of its populace of 180 million. The only reason of a sharp decline in food security across the nation is because of rampant poverty and high food prices that prevent the majority of the people of Pakistan from obtaining sufficient food required for a healthy body.

This is why WFP encourages the people of Pakistan to play their role and help resolve the Food crisis in the country through awareness and charity.

In these dire times for the masses, we the fortunate seldom appreciate the value of the basic necessities we possess. The significance of a glass of water, clothing on our back and shelter to call our home is in honesty often under appreciated – if appreciated at all. But as we thoughtlessly utilize these assets it is important to remember.

Remember that one in seven people in the world will go to bed hungry tonight.
This one particular person is most likely not someone in your family, not a friend or your neighbor. This one person might not even be someone you may know otherwise or will ever get to know for that matter. However you still hold the power to help that individual, to prevent that person from starving tonight, you hold the power to save his or her life.

So recognize the power and help us feed over 7.4 million hungry people in Pakistan this year!
For WFP operations in Pakistan, please visit www.fightinghungerinpk.wordpress.com


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