Shia Genocide in Pakistan – Ignored & Concealed

PAKISTAN: Mass target killing of Shia is underway throughout Pakistan, especially in regions of Balochistan, Sindh and FATA. The killings recognized as the rise of genocide against the Shia populace has been unfortunately ignored and overlooked by media agencies, government machinery and the public in general.

In a span of months the spate of attacks on Shia men, women and children has considerably increased and the number of the death toll is certainly alarming. In the month of February  alone 71 people were killed. Since then the numbers of fatality are vague which shows the magnitude of the situation. The attacks are not anymore pertained to hot zones prone to sectarian rift but have moved to main cities. The brutality of the massacres has also risen over the time with body mutilation, decapitation and burning of the corpses more frequent now than ever before.

In a recent turn of events a prominent Shia killing watchdog site which accounts and records the target murders of Shia muslims has been banned by PTA. The watchdog site which was described as promoting objectionable material by the telecommunication authority was shut down last Saturday. In a staged protest against this act the Shia community of karachi took to the streets – only to be attacked, teargassed and arrested by Police officials.  Meanwhile no action has been taken against  any anti- shia outfits such as Sipah-e-Sahaba-ASWJ, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Laskar-e- Taiba and Taliban (Wahabi -Deobandi militants) which have themselves claimed responsibility if not already proven to be linked to the murders. The government and the mainstream media has throughout this trial has  done nothing but tried to suppress the voices against Shia killings and the ban on Shia-Killing and the police violence is mere evidence of this.

The travesty of justice is that the Human Rights Watch and other eminent NGO’s have also decided to be silent spectators to these  barbaric crimes against humanity.

The Ahle-Tashi community of Pakistan is the second majority in Pakistan, comprising of about 35% of the population. If the discrimination against such a huge proportion of the society can be so blatantly ignored and brushed aside then one wonders what the future holds for the Ahmediya, Christian and Hindu community of the nation. For most Pakistani’s the ethnic cleansing taking place in Burma is of more importance than the sectarian cleansing happening in their own homeland.

2 Responses to “Shia Genocide in Pakistan – Ignored & Concealed”
  1. urujfatima says:

    Just came across your blog through twitter. There’s a shia killing watchdog site? whoa.

    • aownshahzad says:

      Yes I wasn’t aware about it either before the recent spade of attacks on the shia community.
      The site has really effectively highlighted the issue and has to an extent helped the families of the victims.

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