Affiliation with WWF-Pakistan

[This piece was written on appointment as a Youth Ambassador for WWF-Pakistan and its orignal version is framed and hung on the WWF Malaysia office]

This world is my home; God has made me its Master. I am the one who crosses through its sea, ride through its wind, cultivate its land, carve its mountain, soak in its sunlight and bathe in its tranquility. But in the end I am also the one responsible for its destruction. I am Mankind.

Now as I have slowly recognized this global phenomenon and am trying to reconcile, the entire planet has already been put in grave danger.

This is the current state of Mother Earth – this is our ultimate challenge and this is what has motivated me as an average human being to stand up and take action. I as a 17 year old youth activist have been working to save the environment since my early childhood, I don’t remember when it all started exactly but it was a very long time before I actually understood about the depleting ozone layer or about the dying polar bears of the arctic. Over the years my environmental work has developed me as an individual and has transformed in itself from being a hobby to a passion.

As a conservationist by heart my activism has revolved around environmental awareness and the protection and preservation of wild life in my country and around the world. Being a young change maker I have had the privilege to stand at the United Nations as a Pakistani youth to fight for my generation and demand action from world leaders against the unconstructive policies relating to Climate Change. I have also had the honor to work on different environmental projects all over Pakistan and the USA, and my essay on the subject titled “From victims to activists: Children and the effects of climate change in Pakistan” has been published in the UNICEF 2011 annual report and sent across the globe.

Now as I have become part of the WWF Pakistan team, I am fortunate enough to have the chance to enhance my activism to a new horizon and lead the revival of environmental awareness with more fervor and zest among people of all ages. Through the body of this prestigious international organization, I have met not only wonderful professionals of the field but also many inspirational youth working for environmental sustenance like me. But most of all, working with WWF Pakistan has enlightened me to a detailed perspective of things I did not know exist or even understood before – be it insight on the migrating Rosy Starlings that chatter early in the morning or the 100 year old banyan trees that whisper on windy nights, it is this that I will always cherish forever.

Today all of us with our love for the planet continue to play our due role.

WWF particularly has been taking small but significant leaps towards creating a better environment for us and our cohabitants.

I hope and I pray that all our efforts shine through so one day rather than guilt our hearts can be filled with pride.


Syed Aown Shahzad

Youth Activist



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