Terrorist attacks in Pakistan
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    As you see the hustle bustle of this metropolitan city one would find it hard to imagine that there is another side of Pakistan in complete ruins.

    A side which has become a constant victim to natural calamities, a side in which sectarian rifts have resulted in the murders of countless innocent people, a side where basic enmities like water, food and shelter are no where to be found.

    Sadly this particular side of Pakistan receives little to no attention.
    But I think "we" can change that, together all of us.

Terrorist attacks in Pakistan

Cities attacked by Terrorism in Pakistan

The following list comprises of names of cities, districts, villages and a few remote communities and areas within rural regions in Pakistan that were attacked by Terrorist operations during the last decade. The corresponding image of the map of the country showcases how the distribution of these attacks is prevalent through the all regions. Terrorist attacks including … Continue reading

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Ending the Food Crisis

One in seven people in the world will go to bed hungry tonight. That’s more then 925 million people suffering due to the food crisis across the globe as estimated by the World Food Programme. For the majority in Pakistan the scenario is no different – masses of men, women and children suffer day and … Continue reading


Peoples Project – Call for Entries!

This project is being carried out to praise the little yet significant things of our natural habitat, that usually go unnoticed. The goal is to get a reflection essentially of all the simplicity and complexity, our Earth encompasses. Our primary focus is on natural things around us that we take for granted and don’t genuinely … Continue reading

Shia Genocide in Pakistan – Ignored & Concealed

PAKISTAN: Mass target killing of Shia is underway throughout Pakistan, especially in regions of Balochistan, Sindh and FATA. The killings recognized as the rise of genocide against the Shia populace has been unfortunately ignored and overlooked by media agencies, government machinery and the public in general. In a span of months the spate of attacks on Shia men, women … Continue reading

Afridi vs Polio

In the hope to finally eradicate Polio from the country the government of Pakistan has appointed international cricket star Shahid Afridi as the official goodwill ambassador for the cause. The campaign “Afridi vs Polio” sets out to eliminate the disease from Pakistan through a widespread awareness and vaccination program. Shahid Afridi expressed his full support and participation … Continue reading

5 Steps to Achieving Opportunities

5 Steps to Achieving Opportunities

Anywhere, Anytime by Anyone !

To Prevent or not to Prevent – that is the Question in Pakistan

  [Written for FutureChallenges, original published here.] As fatality from non-communicable diseases rises in Pakistan, the importance of prevention of such diseases as opposed to treatment is evaluated. The World Health Organization considers smoking to be a global disease. The prevalence and subsequent deadly effect of smoking in some regions of the world however is much … Continue reading


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